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Bonjour! (english follows)
J'ai le plaisir de continuer mes entrainements privés a travers FittCoach depuis que Energie Cardio est devenu Éconofitness. Je serais ravi de vous accompagner dans votre parcours de fitness et vous guider à travers vos différents objectifs. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour toute question ou demande, il suffit de m'envoyer un message.

Mon background: J'ai un bac en Science de l'exercice physique (avec spécialisation en physiologie de l'exercice clinque). J'ai une formation Ataraxia. Je suis présentement en maitrise d'érgothérapie.

I developped a passion for fitness from a young age which brought me to complete a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and to work as a personal trainer at Energie Cardio that is now Econofitness. I am currently doing a Master’s in Occupational Therapy. However, I love sharing my passion for working out and getting my clients to their fitness goals, which is why I will be continuing my personal trainings through this platform. I would be very happy to accompany you throughout your fitness journey, support you throughout the obstacles you may encounter and push you to your best. On that note, join me for a rewarding fitness journey by booking a session with me!

Here are my certifications:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with specialisation in Clinical Exercise Physiology
- Ataraxia CEP

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